THE NEST PLAYSCHOOL is an infant/toddler childcare program in SE Portland. We believe in the profound importance of high quality, respectful care for the youngest children. 

Our gentle relationship-based approach and stellar teachers are the heart of our program. The safety and stability of predictable routines, along with careful attention and genuine connection, are the foundation of our days.

In our small home setting we offer children the time, space, and materials to support their natural development. We respect each child as a competent person with their own needs and emotions, which are always welcomed and supported. 

Program Highlights:

  • Small cohorts with a 1:3 ratio in the infant room and a 1:4 ratio in the toddler room
  • Beautiful indoor and outdoor environments designed particularly for infants and toddlers (3 months to 3 years)
  • Clean, open spaces without restrictive infant equipment, allowing children to move and develop naturally without artificial aid
  • Thoughtfully chosen open-ended materials, books, and toys to encourage scaffolded learning
  • Largely organic, unprocessed, freshly-prepared vegetarian meals and snacks (including house-made baby food)
  • Support for breastfeeding parents and complimentary organic infant formula provided upon request
  • Cloth diapers provided through diaper service
  • Resources and support for parents
  • An outstanding community of teachers, children, and families!

Every day, children at The Nest feel happiness and sadness, and we are here for it. Every day, they are content, calm, contemplative. They are goofy and wild and free. They are supported and, sometimes, just a little out of control. They are loved and validated, frustrated and upset. They are seen. 

Every day, they build relationships and emotional intelligence. They are held affectionately. They practice skills with vigor. They find out what it is to be in a community. They learn through gentleness and through conflict. They have fights, listen to each other, stand up for themselves, offer support to those in need. They practice consent and cooperation. They take risks, create art, jump, sing, fall, dance, laugh, cry, work, reflect, get messy (they get very messy). They build and create and imagine and experiment and observe and play! They feel disappointment and joy. Everything that matters. 

Contact us at

We are located at 7815 SE 68th Ave in SE Portland

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm