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We’ve been very busy at The Nest. This week marks the start of our interviews for teachers. We’ve received some amazing resumes, so the hard work will be choosing the very best fit. So many choices, and such an important task we have at hand. I have confidence that so many would add amazing things to our programs, so it will be difficult to pick just a few.

Renovations are continuing. We had friends and family in painting two weeks ago, so the entire inside of the school is now painted Behr “Provence Cream” with white trim. The flooring is down, and the toilet and vanity go into the bathroom this week. Our new IKEA kitchen and a cedar fence are the in the works for later this month. We are hopeful that the largest projects will all be completed in time for our open house, July 27th.


I’ve been reading the Go Green Rating Scale Handbook and studying the Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning ( It’s enough to make your head spin! It is shocking to see what products do not rate well, and even which ones do. We all want to make wise choices for the products we use in our homes. On a larger scale, I want to make sure we are supporting the companies which are working to manufacture environmentally-responsible products.

In more fun and inspiring reading, I enjoyed this blog post from Janet Lansbury. We rarely stop to to think about the underlying messages we are sending through our daily interactions with young children. It is surprising to think about how ingrained in our culture the “normal” way of interacting with and caring for children has become. Who hasn’t handed a baby a toy, or propped them up? (


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